Athletes of the Month




  Sophomore Catherine Blotter’s positive attitude has encouraged the girls’ varsity soccer team to stay motivated during tough games this season. The varsity soccer team suffered a hard-fought loss last week, but the team found comfort in Blotter’s faith and support throughout the entire game.

  “I’ve learned that you need to be understanding with all of your teammates. They might not be as skilled as the best person on the team, but getting frustrated will do nothing but bring negative energy to practice and to each other,” Blotter said.


  Sophomore Liam Smith is well deserving of the title varsity soccer player of the month. Not only does Smith have the leading number of goals on the team, but he also holds the record for

most assists.

  “I’ve learned the importance of teamwork … success comes from players working together to find an opportunity to score,” Smith said, “I love how everyone wants to get better, and we are always finding new ways to do that. In soccer, everyone has to work as one unit I think we all work great together”. Smith’s sophomore season has gone very well, and we expect more top-level play from him in the years to come.


  Senior Connor Riches is this month’s outstanding basketball athlete.    “Connor is very passionate, on and off the court… he pushes the people around him to do better,” senior Tyler Johnson said.

  Along with being an essential player, Riches is loved by his teammates and coaches, and his abilities have greatly improved during his years as a Panther.

  “He used to be really soft and shy away from contact but now he has the confidence to really body people down, get rebounds, and take the ball to the paint,” Johnson said.

  Riches will be missed on the court next year, but his last season is off to a promising start.


  This month’s girls varsity basketball athlete of the month is senior Bri Claros. Bri has notably made a difference in the first league games of this year. “Bri can settle the team and get us hyped up … she is the only senior, and we all look up to her as a role model,” sophomore teammate Natasha Thompson said.

  “She has an impressive eye for the court and her passing, driving, and shooting abilities are extremely good,” junior Klara Astrom said.  

Claros’ teammates and coaches value her hard work and commitment to the team and will miss her next year as she heads to the University of  California, San Diego.