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The boys varsity basketball’s shining star this month is senior Matt Peery. Peery starts at guard for the team and has been a key component in Pinewood’s high performing team since his freshman year. This season is no different. He was instrumental in helping the boys win their tournament, and has been a huge part of the boys’ 9-6 record. Peery was also selected as one of the team captains, and has made huge strides in his leadership and teamwork abilities this year.

The athlete of the month for girls varsity basketball in January is sophomore Hannah Jump. Last year, Jump was instrumental to leading Pinewood to their remarkable season, and was one of the most important factors in beating the number one school in the nation, St. Mary’s of Stockton.

This year, as a sophomore, Jump has taken her game to a completely new level. Her stats are well above the national average in every single category, and she has scored an incredible 227 points in just 16 games; that’s 14.2 points per game. Jump has been an important player in the team’s 14-2 record this season.

Girls soccer’s standout performer this month was senior Zarin Mohsenin. Mohsenin plays midfield and forward, and has been a dominant playmaker for the team this season. With a slew of stats above the national average, Mohsenin has been crucial in helping the girls to their 4 victories. She has scored 4 goals, and helped the team with her 2 assists, averaging out to 0.8 goals and 0.4 assists per game. Throughout her career, Mohsenin, who is one of the team’s captains this year, has emerged not only as a star player, but also as a strong leader on the girl’s team.

The athlete of the month for boys soccer is freshman Cadmus Balkanski. New to Pinewood this year, Balkanski began his Pinewood career as the only starting freshman on the team. He then proceeded to dissect opposing defenses at the forward position and has greatly impacted the way the boys’ season progressed. He has been a key part of the boys’ undefeated record, scoring often and making plays all over the field. Balkanski plans to continue playing throughout high school, which is good news for the boys soccer team.