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Athletes of the Month



   Varsity girls volleyball’s shining star this month was undoubtedly senior Gaby Krohn. Her hitting percentage is .143, far above the national average. She has also been a force in the kills category, and has amassed 24 blocks to her name. Krohn has been essential in the volleyball team’s past victories and was selected as the player of the game in Pinewood’s victory over Eastside Prep.

Senior Haley Mathews is the girls tennis athlete of the month. This year as well as in years past, she has played very consistently, winning extremely tough matches and generally outsmarting her opponents. Mathews has improved greatly from last season, and was recently the deciding win in the team’s
victory over Mountain View High.

Sadly, Mathews will be finishing her final season in just a few weeks, as she is graduating this year. Her spot on the roster, and the leadership she brought to the team, will be sorely missed.

Cross country’s outstanding runner this month was junior newcomer Arseniy Beltyukov. He has been outstanding in October and from the beginning of the year, posting a 19 minute three mile time, according to cross-country coach Sam Stewart.

“[Beltyukov] got a lot stronger,” Stewart said.

Stewart also stressed that Beltyukov has great potential, and should become a star runner by his senior year if he keeps pushing himself as much as he
has been.

Football’s athlete of the month is junior Jaeden Bailey. Bailey has posted all-star numbers so far, with 779 yards, 13 touchdown passes, 129 yards per game, and 56 completions in 90 attempts. All of his stats are well above the national average. When asked to describe Bailey’s play in one word or phrase, coach Sam Stewart called
it “impressive.”

“This year he’s made huge strides,” Stewart said. He noted Bailey’s playmaking abilities, his ability to read defenses, and his leadership in the group.