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Dear Kat,

It’s my first Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend next month and I’m really nervous because I like her. I don’t want to mess it up but she’s also not a very romantic person so the standard roses and chocolate would put her off. How do I show her how I feel without making it too mushy gushy?

Sincerely, Hopeless and Romantic

Dear Hopeless,

Take it from someone who doesn’t find themselves fond of romantics gestures either: Valentine’s Day is a holiday hyped up by Hallmark in order to make more money around the time of year where there aren’t many holidays. Valentine’s Day is just a sham. If you truly care about this girl, you should show it everyday, not just a day that society says you are supposed to show your true feelings. Here is what you do to get into her heart: spend each day leading up to Valentine’s Day doing small romantic gestures– open the car door for her or cut her apples when her mouth hurts. Then when the big day finally arrives, spend the day doing something low-key like a casual dinner or a picnic in the park. Make sure what you do shows that you put effort into it, instead of just money into it. If you continue to treat her the way you would on Valentine’s Day, I’d say you have one smooth sailing relationship to look forward to.