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Ashland: The Third Act



Logoguerrazucians: a name for a warlike group of people.

Gosquire: to cower from. Has’t thee nev’r hath heard these Shakespearean sounding words before?

That’s because they were invented by the Pinewood students who went on the school trip to the Ashland Shakespeare festival in Oregon.

The students stayed in Ashland for three nights, from Sept. 23 to Sept. 26.

They participated in a variety of activities, and saw the plays “Hamlet,” “Yeomen of the Guard,” “The Wiz,” and “Twelfth Night.”

“I liked Hamlet best…I really like the guy who played Hamlet; he put 110% into his performance, and it was cool to watch that,” quoth junior Anne Blotter.

The group also participated in a workshop, where they explored Shakespeare’s language and had a discussion with actor Christiana Clark, who played the lion in “The Wiz,” and Horatio
in “Hamlet.”

Not only were there many fun-filled activities and shows, but students also had plenty of free time to meander the little town of Ashland, picnic in scenic Lithia Park, and munch on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Students even had the opportunity to sleep in one morning, a novelty on school trips.

“I loved that we had a lot of free time together, because we got to hang out with each other…and explore the town,” quoth freshman Cecily Eivers.