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ASB Overview

By Sophia Cheng


  Pinewood students are fortunate enough to be provided with a large variety of school-related extracurriculars, one of the most well-known being Associated Student Body, or ASB. Simply put, it is a unified student council that represents all of high school, rather than a council that supports an individual grade.

  Senior Klara Astrom, who is most well-known as a fierce girls’ basketball player and future Yale Bulldog, has one of the most prominent jobs of ASB: president.

  “The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Spirit Representative are voted on by the high school student body at the end of the year,” Astrom said. “Then, [President, Vice President, Secretary, and Spirit Representative] and Jackee interview the people running for Activities, Publicity, and Sports and decide who is the best fit for each position. At the beginning of the following year, the entire student body knows who is in ASB.”

  Senior Isabella Chung, who is also an important girls’ basketball teammate, plays the role of Secretary.

  “Usually, Jackee or Klara has a list of the upcoming events, like movie nights, spirit assemblies, or intramurals. During our meetings, we discuss how to organize them, how to make them more fun, and then we assign [ASB members] to get materials using our ASB fund,” Chung said.

  Although this may sound like serious business that requires a great deal of time commitment, both seniors agree that being a part of ASB is not as stressful as it seems.

  “We get to go on the freshman retreat, which is always a great experience,” Chung said. “Going there as an ASB member is, in my opinion, more fun. We stay up really late and just talk and joke around.”

  Astrom also gave her personal opinion on ASB.

  “Personally, my favorite part is just hanging out with the other members and Jackee.” Astrom said. “We do a lot of fun things, like going on retreats — this year, we went to Max [Banning]’s beach house and played board games and hung out, which was a ton of fun.”