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As Pinewood Likes It

By Alexandra Roesch and Micael Shtrom


Pinewood Performing Arts has been building excitement about the latest show in their line-up since the beginning of the school year. The upcoming play, “As You Like It”, has been widely publicized across Upper Campus and many are gearing up to see the performers, directors, and technology crew’s hard work come to fruition. Justin Stangenes, who is taking on the lead role in Upper Campus’s newest theatrical production, gave insight into the behind-the-scenes production of this new show. 

“As You Like It” was written by William Shakespeare which, as Stangenes revealed vastly alters the performance strategies that need to be implemented by the cast.

“It can be really tricky, understanding [the character’s lines] so you’d know how to act them out.” Stangenes said.

When asked about the difficulties of performing Shakespeare, he additionally found that Shakespeare’s style had a noticeable effect on his overall performance.

“[His] characters, when they are sad, they are very obviously sad. You have to over exaggerate everything you do.”

Stangenes has performed in numerous plays before landing himself as the lead role in “As You Like It” so he knows the benefit of performing live in front of an audience. He believes the audience’s reaction to the show affects the actors and their performances in a major way.

“The last two shows I did… had jokes in them. The louder the audience was, the more into it we were able to get.”

Drama is only one of the activities that Stangenes has undertaken. We asked Stangenes about how he prioritizes the show in relation to the multitude of activities he is indulged in.

“Obviously, drama comes first. That’s what I’ve loved doing since kindergarten. I prioritize that.” 

Finally, Stangenes gave his perspective on the best part of performing in the show. 

“Just the people, the community. We all get so close. It’s sad when it’s all over, but we can always look forward to the next show. That’s my favorite part.”