Around the World in Less than 14 Days


Staff Writer

  Over the two week Winter Break, numerous Pinewood students were fortunate enough to travel outside the United States. Whether it was a vacation, school trip, or family reunion, each student enjoyed exploring a new place and observing other cultures. Freshman Janet Liu voyaged to Beijing, China.

  “My mother, sister, and I observed a temple that focused on Confucianism,” Liu said.

  Liu loved learning about another religion. After sightseeing, the Liu family ate traditional foods such as dumplings.

  Additionally, freshman Aria Chatterjee embarked on a relaxing vacation to Turks and Caicos Islands. The Chatterjee family met new people and spent days at the waterpark and beach.

  Also, sisters freshman Mia Pistelak and junior Esmi Pistelak travelled to their native country, England, and later, Prague. Their first stop was London for the Pinewood Choir performance. This was an enjoyable experience for students who were able to venture outside of the familiar Pinewood halls and into another country.

  The Pistelaks saw Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, a highlight of their trip to Windsor Castle. After this, the Pistelak family visited their extended family in Prague, explored the center of the Czech Republic, and shopped at local Christmas markets.

  Lastly, freshman Kathi Wendker spent two weeks with her family in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  “My sister was doing a term abroad in Copenhagen, so we went to visit her,” Wendker said.

  Reuniting with family over the holidays is always a joy. Above all, the most meaningful memory for Wendker was tasting candy from a store with recipes from the 1920s.

  Some Pinewood students have had the privilege of experiencing new places such as China, Turks and Caicos Islands, England, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. Every one of the traveling students hopes to take more foreign trips. Traveling abroad is a great way to immerse yourself in other cultures and learn about the world outside our immediate area.