Are Styluses Going Out Of Style?



   The iPad can replace many things – binders, books, notes-but one thing is absolutely irreplaceable, my Pinewood planner. How can I possibly go a week of school without the most basic organizational necessity? Since 7th grade, I have relied on my planner to keep my head on straight and get my assignments done on time.

   This year, however, my dearest planners were replaced with a stylus pen. Like a lover leaving in the night, all of us were unaware of the flight of our beloved paper planners. Despairing teachers everywhere are telling their bewildered seventh graders to use their (*gasp*) iPad for a planner. Who would have thought this tragic day would come?

   I recognize the costly expense of the iPads, and that that cost depletes the budget for planners. But, I also would like to recognize the costly expense of attending Pinewood, in which I believe there is ample room for the added expense of a planner. Had we been given a choice, I believe that many would have voted in favor of the planner, equipped with all of the school holidays and thoughtful motivational sayings. My Pinewood planner becomes a part of me, a collection of dreaded weeks and comical French class stickers given for no exact reason along with a hodge podge of other random papers and sticky notes. Instead of this memory book, the students were given a stylus that also functions as a pen. I will admit that the pen works well, but then again, so does my $3 pen I bought at Walgreens.

   Luckily for me, that meant I had to persuade my dad to go to the store and buy a planner for me, which isn’t nearly as entertaining as the Pinewood one that used to be given. In addition, it is a lovely puke green which doesn’t nearly reflect the feelings of love I have for it, but had to accept in an effort to recuperate from the unexpected loss of my paper Pinewood planner.

   I quite enjoy having the iPads at school. I think they make a great contribution to class participation and access to new materials. However, I have difficulty understanding the decision to buy the stylus pens considering the fact that they don’t work as a stylus. Unless, of course, you enjoy doing homework on the iPad that has to be deciphered by some new Rosetta Stone. So instead of at least having a useable planner and only needing to buy a stylus, I had to go out and buy both. Thank god for Amazon.

   We are very privileged to have the iPads and the technology they provide, but somethings are better done by hand-organization being one of them. So here’s my love letter to my cherished Pinewood planner who is no longer with us, but hopefully will be in the nearby future.

   Through all hectic homework nights you were always there for us. We will miss you, no other planner will ever compare.