Pinewood launched the Annual Fund First campaign on Sep. 24, and it will continue through Dec. 31. Established nine years ago, the Annual Fund First helps Pinewood provide the best resources for its students as well as attract and maintain a world-class faculty. Last year, the Annual Fund First successfully raised over a million dollars in 100 days. This year, 10 percent of the Pinewood community are serving as ambassadors for the 100-day campaign, encouraging all faculty members and parents to contribute to the Annual Fund First.

  The Annual Fund First was created to financially support a “robust professional development program, in which each teacher from all three campuses is given 1,500 dollars every year to attend workshops and conferences,” said President Scott Riches.

  In addition to the professional development program, Riches mentioned that there is a newly piloted housing program for teachers, ensuring that teachers can afford to reside in the Bay Area.

 “The Annual Fund will also help expand the retirement program for teachers,” said Riches.

  As for resources and building projects, the donations from last year’s Annual Fund First were utilized to build the Mark Gardner Student Terrace and redesign the Student Achievement Center. It also helped to create the Imaginarium at Middle Campus and a makerspace cart at Lower Campus. The rest of the Annual Fund First money is allocated to special requests from the teachers throughout the school year, such as field trips and unique props for the Performing Arts Department.

  The students and faculty, whom the Annual Fund First directly impacts, proposed some ideas about how the money of the Annual Fund First can be spent. Sophomore Evie Fick suggested that the Annual Fund First money should be used to install an air conditioning unit in the gym and locker rooms.

While many students wish for more resources, chemistry teacher Sarah Prestwood hopes that the Annual Fund First can lead to a stronger focus on the scholarship program.

How would you allocated the money to make Pinewood an ever better community?