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An A-Compelling Performance



   With only 12 minutes to impress the judges and advance to nationals, Take Note, Pinewood’s three-year-old a cappella team, must deliver a truly notable performance.

   On Saturday, March 3, these dynamic dancers are slated to compete at the 2018 Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) Semifinals against six other quarter finalists in Yountville, CA. Hopefully, their renditions of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “I Melt with You,” and a medley from “Footloose” will grant them entry to the competition for the national ICHSA Championship.

   According to director Katie Linza, the game has changed since last year. A powerhouse team from Oakland that dominated the 2017 ICHSA Semifinals will not be competing this year.

   Nevertheless, the competition remains full of other talent. Linza is both optimistic and pragmatic about their chances.

   “We’re having to work really, really hard right now. To place third, that would be a major accomplishment for us,” Linza said.

   The Take Note team members seem to understand the hefty responsibility and take it all in stride.

   “We’ve still got work to do, but we’re progressing well and we are on our way to a successful competition,” said freshman Riva Rubin, who sings alto and soprano two.

   Senior Anne Blotter, who sings solo and soprano, added that their “costumes blow everyone else out of the water.”