Alumni Profile: Nick Giovanni



   Pinewood’s community and academics have helped shape students into adults who are able and prepared to take on life. Graduated Evergreen Nick Giovanni is an example of a Pinewod student who has been able to accomplish some amazing feats. Giovanni is the global head of Internet Investment Banking and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Technology and Media and Telecom Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs. He also frequently guest lectures at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley where he earned a BS in Business Admiration with honors.

   Outside of the business world, Giovanni enjoys golfing, fly-fishing, kayaking, skiing, and cooking. Activities like these allow Giovanni to take his mind off of work. Along with these hobbies, Giovanni and his wife have a 7-month-old son.

   When asked about how Pinewood impacted his life, Giovanni said that Pinewood gave him a strong academic foundation where he met his closest friends who he still keeps in touch with today. From growing up within the Pinewood community, Giovanni’s favorite experience and memory is winning the Lettermans Luau, a crowd favorite at Pinewood. He served as co-captain of the wave warriors with his sister Amy his senior year.
   A positive outlook has helped Giovanni through life. Rather than focus on his biggest fears, Giovanni concentrates on the positive.

  From being a part of the business world, he has learned that it is especially important to work on building trusted relationships, a solid piece of advice for even those who are not part of the business world.

   For young students trying to make it through high school, Giovanni urges them to push past their comfort zone.

    “You are only growing and learning when you are challenging yourself,”
he said.