Alum: Max Darrow

By Samantha Hsuing


Photo provided by Max Darrow

A television news reporter and anchor appearing across screens in Las Vegas––this is Max Darrow. Darrow graduated from Pinewood in 2012 and is currently working at KSNV, an NBC TV station affiliate, located in Las Vegas.

“Before this, I worked at KGUN9, which is the ABC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona. I have been in the industry for about four years,” Darrow said.

Darrow has covered several presidential rallies, as well as interviewing presidential candidates, most notably former Vice President Joe Biden. Aside from this, he has covered widely reported events, such as Hurricane Irma, which took place in Florida in 2017.  

“That’s one of the toughest parts of the job, we’re often there on somebody else’s worst day. So, we have to make sure to be respectful to them at all times,” Darrow said.

Prior to being a reporter, Darrow was a student at Pinewood for four years, then attended Syracuse University. At Pinewood, he joined Journalism and wrote articles for The Perennial, known as The Panther Prints at the time.

During his freshman year, he was a staff writer, but he rose through the ranks to become the sports editor in his sophomore year. In his junior and senior year, he was the editor-in-chief.

“[The class] really opened my eyes to journalism, and that it was a liable career. And of course, somebody told me there was a TV side of it as well, and putting the print side in what I saw then on TV really drove me to do what I do today,” Darrow said.

Journalism advisor Kim Wetzel was the advisor during Darrow’s junior and senior year.

“Max was a great writer back then when he wrote for [The Panther Prints]. But even better than his writing skills, he was just a great person. He just exhibited such strong character, such strong leadership skills,” Wetzel said.

Although being a reporter occupies most of his time, Darrow finds room  for his hobbies, which include playing the piano, basketball, golf, and spending time with his friends. In the beginning of his career, however, he had difficulties with balancing his work and his life.

“I struggle[d] with [finding a balance], but now that I have my feet under me, I’ve done much better being able to do the things I love outside work. While I do love my job, I love some of the things that are not my job as well,”

Darrow said.

Just from joining the small class of Journalism at Pinewood, Darrow developed an interest in the field and now has a career in news reporting. He encourages students to join different clubs as they might discover a new passion.