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Almost,Maine: A PREVIEW



  Participating in a  whirlwind of romance and comedy, 19 Pinewood students,
ranging from bright-eyed freshmen to veteran seniors, are coming together this winter to create a tale of magical
surrealism that has been captivating
audiences for over a decade. The number one most produced play in high schools across North America, “Almost, Maine” is a fantastic play that tells eight different stories of love and its hardships through a collection of vignettes.

   Pinewood’s production of “Almost, Maine,” directed by theater teacher Doug Eivers, runs from November 6-8 at Upper
Campus. Tickets cost $10 for students and $15 for the general public; they can be
purchased at

   The play, written by John Cariani, is a series of short scenes in which couples experience the roller coaster ride which comes with being in love or falling in and out of it. All the stories are separate, yet connected – the nine scenes in the play are all located in the same small town and at the same time, 9 pm.

   “I chose it because it’s a very popular play[…], it’s going to give plenty of other
actors a chance to be in the show because it’s a larger cast. Because it’s small scenes, we thought it would be easier for people with lots of conflicts,” Eivers said.

   Due to the different vignettes being so distinct from one another, the rehearsal schedule for “Almost, Maine” is different from past productions; cast members do not practice as a group, but rather in the coupled pairs from their personal scene.

   “The rehearsal schedule is pretty lenient for ‘Almost, Maine’ because it’s working around sports. I run cross country and my partner [sophomore Sean Costello] plays football, so we have a slot that works for both of our schedules,” freshman Nicole Saltzman said.

   The reformed rehearsal times are only one of the many differences of being in a play versus a musical. For many in the cast, even those who have worked in the performing arts department before,
“Almost, Maine” is their first play.

   “For the [Les Misérables] musical, we had to go over the script for about a week and a half and figure out the music before we could stage out anything, but for this play, we can go right into the script and add in the stage movements,” sophomore David Ness said.

   “Almost, Maine” is a very sentimental play involving much passion between the cast members. There are many intimate scenes in the play, and the couples need to have chemistry to perform to to their
greatest potential.