In Depth

Ally’s Accident

By Ally Levy


   “Oh no. Not today,” I thought to myself as my car jolted forward. 

   I looked out my car window and saw horrified faces in the school parking lot. I paused the song “Speechless” by Dan + Shay, which ironically described my feeling in the moment, turned off the car, and opened the door. My cheeks flushed, as I slowly walked to the back of my car to see another car pressed against mine. A heavy feeling dropped into the pit of my stomach. Other students rushed to me, telling me everything was going to be alright. But, everything was not going to be alright. I was absolutely speechless, as Dan and Shay would say. 

   The Mercedes behind me had collided with the rear end of my car. I was backing out when the car zipped around the parking lot, meeting my car in the middle. There was not a single dent on my car. My eyes slowly shifted to the other car, which had not been so lucky. The paint was chipped and a big indentation resided on the front bumper, like a puzzle where my car was the missing piece. Bawling, I ran to the office to find my superhero that day: Ms. Eble. She came out and helped me exchange information and take pictures of the wreck. Next came the part I was dreading the most: I had to tell my mom. With a lump in my throat, I dialed my mom’s phone number and waited for the line to ring. There was no answer. 

   More and more students piled into the parking lot, witnessing the event. Finally, my mom picked up and I immediately cried into the phone. She was in the middle of her therapeutic chiropractic session, when I wailed about the accident. Startled, she rushed to the school and found me still upset on the black asphalt of the school parking lot. 

   After exchanging information, I sat back in my car blankly staring out the front window. At least I had experienced my first car accident. I wiped my tears away and started the car. 

   I thought the world was going to end. Luckily it didn’t; but, it made me more of a cautious and experienced driver.