This year, Pinewood’s senior graduation is going to be colored a little differently. Caps and gowns are a big part of the graduation ceremony, and in years past, boys would wear green gowns and girls would wear white. Starting in 2016, the administration decided to make a change; students will all graduate in hunter-green gowns, instead of white and grass-green.

Some reasons for this change are to promote the unity of the student body, as well as the pride for our school color, green. Most students feel fairly neutral on the color gown that they will be wearing, as long as they are proudly accepting their high school diploma. However, as with any system change, this decision has struck up some interesting conversation.

One concern with the adjustment is that the color green will clash with the colors of student’s new universities, which are traditionally decorated on the caps. During the cap decorating ceremony, each senior creates a design to represent the school they’ll be moving on to after Pinewood.

“My issue with the change is not that everyone will be wearing the same thing; it’s the color that was chosen. I wish I could wear the color white, because I honestly care what colors look
good together,” senior Maddie Wheatley said, “I’ve heard from many boys that they would rather wear white too! It’s not just for the girls. And then there are also lots of students who want to wear hunter green. In my opinion, the system could benefit from involving different options.”

Some students have voiced concerns about hunter green clashing with the the clothes they plan to wear under the gown or not matching the color of the decorations on their cap.

On the other hand, some students are excited about the new system for various reasons. “It’s always a step in the right direction to reevaluate a system where gender is color coded, especially when there are only
two options. This change is more inclusive and reasonable,” senior Laine Corfield said, “Pinewood is a community where students get to form great personal connections, so it seems fitting to allow students to not be divided by a factor out of their control.”

Administrators behind the gown change have commented that they have been wanting to make the change from grass green to hunter-green for a while. Also, most universities have a one-color graduation system, and it is a look that works. After all, students at Hogwarts School look fabulous in their black cloaks in “Harry Potter.” Let’s bring some of that magic
to Pinewood.



   I have decided to be the assistant coach for the JV girls basketball team since I want to stay involved as much as I can, but I will definitely miss playing on the court. Hopefully, Pinewood overrules this rule in the near future so other passionate seniors won’t be barred from playing their favorite sport in their last year as a high school student.