Adventure in Peru

By Sania Choudhary


Leaving on June 1 and returning on June 12, 30 Pinewood students, along with high school athletics director Matt Stimson, high school Spanish teacher Jose Luis Orduna, junior high and high school Spanish teacher Olivia Bradley, and high school history teacher Jaime Fields will be taking an exciting and adventurous trip to Peru.

“Being able to show our students one of the most spectacular spots in the world, Machu Picchu, was a huge draw,” Matt Stimson said.

“I hope to get closer to my friends and classmates going on the trip, and bond with the kids,” freshman McKayli Stimson said.

There are two main themes to the Peru trip: service and adventure. While plenty of time has been set aside for fun and exploration, students will have the unique experience of providing service to several Peruvian communities.

During this trip, students will learn various aspects of Peruvian culture. Students will engage in Andean dance and music as well as try to speak some of the

Quechua language.

In addition, the students will be spending three days doing community service by helping local weavers with infrastructure.

“I want everyone to have an appreciation for what they have here in the U.S., and in particular the Silicon Valley. We will be in local communities that don’t have the advantages we take for granted on a daily basis,” Matt Stimson said.

Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy rafting through the Urubamba River. They will also visit the Sacred Valley, the Inca ruins of Calca, as well as a Quechua Palace, Awana Cancha. Students will additionally be given an

introduction to the Peruvian city of Cusco.

Spending three days hiking through the ruins in Sacred Valley, students will visit the most recognizable of the Inca ruins,

Machu Picchu.

Students will also be given the chance to participate in a “Pago la tierra” ceremony and enjoy a feast as their dinner.

“I am feeling super excited!” McKayli Stimson said.

“It is a country I have had my sights on for quite some time!” Matt Stimson said.