A Williams Family Affair


    Thomas Aidan Williams: a name now very familiar to the Pinewood community due to his adorable presence on campus and his fame on Instagram (@thomasaidanwilliams). The Williams family went from a dynamic duo to a well-tuned trio when Thomas was born into the musically
talented family.

   When music teachers Spencer and Shenelle Williams had a baby in April, Pinewood was dying to get a peek at their newborn. Now that Shenelle has returned to Pinewood and Thomas makes multiple appearances on campus, the whole Williams family gets to spend a lot of their time with
the Pinewood family.

    “The best part about this situation is that I get to have the best of both worlds. I get to have my family at Pinewood connect with my family at home and it makes my day very enjoyable,” Spencer said.

  Students love getting to interact with the youngest new member of Pinewood’s community. Likewise, Thomas loves
the affection he receives from the
Pinewood students.

   “I freak out a little bit [when Thomas is on campus] because he is honestly the cutest baby ever. He’s just so happy. You never see him cry or anything-he’s always smiling and giggling,” junior Olivia Biggs said.

    Thomas is only five months old, and already

his parents have taken him on an adventure. Last summer, the Williams family took a trip to New York City where their new musical “For Tonight” was produced in the New York Musical Theater Festival. Spencer later expressed this vacation as the most rewarding part of
his summer.

Thomas has not been in any Pinewood
productions yet but he is already fan of the hustle and bustle of the theater world. Thomas was born on April 11, 2014 right in the middle of Pinewood’s production of “Les
Miserables.” Although this time was a stressful one for the Williams family, it was also one of the most treasurable. Newborn baby Thomas would fall asleep to the live stream of the show at night just as 2014 alum, Talmage Wise, begin to sing “Bring Him Home.” Thomas’s love for the theater is displayed when he comes to see rehearsals of the upcoming production of “Snoopy! the Musical.”

   “One day I brought Thomas to a Snoopy rehearsal to watch a run through of Act 1. He watched so intently and kept squealing at the fun songs. I thought it was adorable. He’s a tough critic, so the
show must be good if he was so entertained,” Shenelle said.

   The Williams’ couple is loving settling into their new “roles” as mother and father while also continuing to take on their roles as teachers.

  “The best thing about getting to work with my
family is that I feel supported both at work and at home which is something a lot of new moms
don’t necessarily get. I am one lucky woman,” Shenelle said.