Arts and Culture

A Sea of Art

By Riva Rubin


 The Pinewood Arts Department took on art amongst nature at Shark Fin Cove and Bean Hollow Beach. Art department head Caitlin Miller and history teacher Sam Jezak, along with art students Reilly Brady, Katherine Chui, Sarah Feng, Lulu Diffenbaugh, and Ella Aspinall went to Davenport to explore the wonders of visual art. 

  With the students fully immersed in art, the arts field trip this year became an exciting opportunity for artists to fully assimilate themselves into nature and create art. For those who went on the trip, it acted as a peaceful time away from the stress of school and allowed these artists to be in a relaxed environment that fueled their passions.

   “I was able to distance myself from the stress of school and enjoy a day surrounded by nature and good friends,” senior Reilly Brady said. 

   Miller further delved into the benefits of the trip and why she finds it so valuable.

   “The field trip gives students an opportunity to get out of the classroom and make art in a non-traditional way. Collaboratively creating land art teaches us to work together, use the resources that we have available, and get in touch with nature and its beauty,” Miller said. 

   This trip was also valuable to the skills of Pinewood’s visual artists. The natural environment challenged students to think creatively with the materials they were able to find at the beach, such as seaweed, shells, and rocks. 

  “Limitations can make us more creative and making art is a lot about problem solving. For example, when we can only work with rocks, sand, seaweed, and shells, we start to think about these materials as we do traditional art materials: instruments of color, texture and value. Art can be made out of anything, it just requires us looking at the things around us in a different way,” Miller said.

   With the November arts trip being a delightful success, the arts department hopes to repeat this experience—but in a different location in the spring! It is a wonderful opportunity to rid your mind of daily stresses, surround yourself with fellow artists, and submit yourself to the beauty of natural art in a breathtaking environment.