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A Record-Breaking Open House

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On Nov. 10, 350 prospective students and families gathered at Pinewood to see what Pinewood has to offer. According to Director of Admissions Lisa Longbottom, this year’s open house had 100 more visitors than last year’s.

The Open House is an event held by Pinewood for prospective students and families that showcases Pinewood’s academic departments, extracurriculars, and more. Academics were the main focus of the event as every subject available at Pinewood  was partitioned into rooms to give presentations.

The event started in the Riches Activity Center with a performance by Pinewood’s a capella group, Take Note, followed by a presentation from Principal Gabriel Lemmon. Afterwards, parents spread out across the entire campus and rotated between classrooms. With all departments being put on display, almost all the classrooms were used. Teachers gave presentations showing what material prospective students would be learning and how it would be implemented.

On the terrace, Pinewood Robotics set up their robot for families to see. Junior Catherine Blotter dressed in a full panther costume and high fived kids. Students and teachers played ping pong together and a large table of refreshments and pastries was laid out for everyone. The Associated Student Body, student councils, and student volunteers were all present to help guide families and add to the atmosphere.

Prospective parent Andrea Boren is the mother of sophomore Alexandra Roesch and eighth grader Max Roesch.

“[I] can see that [Alexandra] is having an amazing experience here at the high school and doing really well academically and is enthusiastic about it,” Boren said.

Boren is currently looking to send her son and prospective freshman Max to Pinewood. “This [open house] showcases what is going on at the school far better than any of the other programs [I have] seen because all of the teachers show up, everyone is present, everyone talks, you get to go to each class as you choose, and you get to see the entire campus,” Boren said.