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A not-so-minor problem

By Shaan Khan


When you think of baseball, most people’s minds tend to go to Major League Baseball. However, there are only 30 teams, with 28 cities in total, in a country with 50 states. Because of this, many people turn to the Minor League Baseball teams to get their baseball fix. With more than 260 teams, Minor League Baseball has been around for 118 years compared to the major leagues 151. With 40.5 million fans coming to Minor League Baseball games in 2018, Minor League Baseball is the solution for people who live too far from major league teams or don’t have enough money to pay for those games. However, the major league has submitted a proposal to cut off ties with 42 of the 261 teams. 

The way that minor league baseball works is that there are several tiers of teams. From the lowest  level to the highest level, there is rookie ball/short season, low/high a-ball, double a-ball and triple a-ball. Each team is either drafted or signed into the control of a major league team. This way, each major league team has a branching system of Minor League teams that feeds up into the major leagues. The major league teams is proposing to cut teams from every single tier except triple a-ball, which threatens to upset each minor league tier. 

Due to this proposal, 106 members of Congress sent a letter to the major league urging them to reconsider

the proposal.

  “[The proposal would] undermine the health of the minor league system that undergirds talent development, and encourages fan loyalty,” the letter read.

The proposal will be voted on at the end of the 2020 baseball season, at the same time as the current contract between the major leagues and the minor leagues expires.