A Masquerade On the Bay




  On Jan. 13, the students of Pinewood boarded the Fume Blanc to embark on their Winter Formal. The cruise began in Alameda and ran through the San Francisco Bay, under the various bridges and around Alcatraz. The cruise ship featured multiple viewing decks where students took in the city lights, bridges and ocean. The cruise also featured a meal of pasta and salad, along with dessert.

  The theme for the dance was masquerade, and everyone either brought their own masks or borrowed them from Pinewood.  

  On the ground floor was the dance floor, which was by far the most popular part of the boat throughout the night. The soundtrack was predominantly 2000’s R&B pop hits, providing an interesting blast from the past. The widely agreed-upon best part of the dance was undoubtedly when a Latin, reggaeton hit came on, and the DJ called all Spanish teachers to come to the floor and dance. Sr. Orduña was the enthusiastic catalyst of a hilarious and energized dance to the song “Gasolina.”   

  The princes and princesses for the dance were Neil Rustagi and Olivia Cooper for the freshmen, Tyler Riches and Samantha Zagha for the sophomores, Kolton Budge and Alexis Tanase for the juniors. Finally, Casey Bates and Carolina Rodriguez Steube were masked the king and queen for the seniors. Following the announcement, the students slow danced to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

  Sophomore Katherine Han commented how formal is her favorite event. “I’ve always gone to all the dances, and so far Winter Formal has always been my favorite dance. I like formal events, because it’s fun to go to something fancy every once in a while.”

  When asked what their favorite parts were, both Han and a student visiting  the Lemmon family from Mexico, Fermin Nieblas, agreed that the dancing was the best part.

“The dancing was my favorite part, obviously! And hanging out with friends while frantically jumping up and down,” Han said.

 The Winter Formal brings people together who may not have previously associated themselves with each other.

  “I had never seen any of these people before, and it was really cool how they welcomed me with open arms through the dance,” Nieblas said.

  What a truly enchanting night.