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A Jamboree for You and Me

By Ainsley Carpenter


Jamboree has been a Pinewood School tradition for decades. One weekend every October, families from all three campuses unite at Upper Campus for a day jam-packed with activities, food, choir performances, and, of course, the high school student council’s haunted house. Everyone plays a role in Jamboree’s production, from parents to students to faculty and staff. Typically, over a dozen clubs design, plan, and run their own booths with the intent of making profits that can go towards each group’s specific needs. 

“Jamboree really helps ASB since we raise money from the dunk tank, putt-putt, and haunted house. All the money goes for future events at pinewood like formal and prom,” ASB activities representative Samantha King said. 

The high school’s Spanish Honor Society always works a booth celebrating various Spanish or Latin American cultures at Jamboree.

“This year we made different flavored waters, each of which represented a different Spanish speaking country. It was really fun, both preparing the waters and serving them to people,” Spanish Honor Society president Ethan Walsey said.

Another group represented at Jamboree this year was the Upper Campus Interact community service club.

One of Interact’s speakers was Kevin Dowling, a representative from the nonprofit housing organization Habitat for Humanity. 

“[He] came to one of our meetings to talk about Habitat for Humanity and all the amazing things that they are doing to help the issue of homelessness in Silicon Valley and the East Bay. One of the things he mentioned was making playhouses for the children of veterans; we all gravitated to this idea. To make this a reality we need to raise $2000 for ten of us to build one of the playhouses. One of our goals for this year is to be able to raise the money and then come in to Pinewood on a Saturday and build a playhouse,” Interact president Natasha Kumaraswami said.

What separates Jamboree from other Upper Campus events is that there is something for everyone from all three Pinewood campuses as well as parents, grandparents, and faculty. This year, younger students could play on bouncy houses while their older counterparts could brave the haunted house; parents and grandparents were able to sample goods from a variety of club booths and enjoy choir performances from Lower, Middle, and Upper choirs.

“Jamboree has a place for everyone; that is what makes it special!” ASB President Catherine Blotter said.