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A Familiar Face

By Aanya Sethi


This year, one of Pinewood’s most well-known faculty members will be trading the court for the stage as he gives the graduation speech for the Class of 2019. However, public speaking is a new setting for Scheppler, who is more often seen on the basketball court. Scheppler has coached about ten different sports at the high school level, and he later decided to focus on coaching basketball.

When Scheppler was young he came to love basketball Scheppler lived on a cul de sac in Hillsborough, where he played with his neighbors every day.

“We had the greatest neighborhood ever,” Scheppler said. “We played sports because we loved it, not because our parents were driving us in a minivan

to practice.”

In 1995, as a favor to a friend, Scheppler came to Pinewood to coach the 8th grade girls basketball team and he loved it. Scheppler then got a full time job at Pinewood and has been there ever since.

“I’m very introverted, that’s what people don’t know about me here,” Scheppler said. “The goofiness [and] comedy is an act.” But being introverted made him a great athlete. He practiced constantly, and became an excellent

basketball player.

When he coached basketball at Burlingame High School, Scheppler had a team that “was terrible.”

“It was humbling, but also life-changing,” Scheppler said.

Their first year, they  had a 3-19 win record. Scheppler, however, was determined to prove coaches who were critical of his program wrong.

“We got them hooked on the game, and they played all year,” Scheppler said. With that dedication and practice, Scheppler’s team earned a 20-5 win

record the next season.  

One of Scheppler’s biggest accomplishments is seeing how his players grow up to be good people. Scheppler doesn’t measure accomplishment with wins and losses; he knows he’s done well when his players grow up to be successful people, in either their personal or professional lives. He makes his players build character with their hard work and resilience; he knows he’s helping change the world for the better. Scheppler became emotional when he reflected on how his students have grown.

“Graduation day is the greatest day for everybody,” Scheppler said, “It’s a time to reflect as students of your accomplishments, and it’s a time for parents to be proud of their kid.”