Boys Varsity Basketball Team

By Romin Vasishta

Staff Writer

         The boys varsity basketball team this year consists of only two returning players with the other nine being completely new to the roster. About 81 % of the team consists of new players and only 19% of the players on the team are returning from last year. In addition to that, most of the players on the team are from the tenth grade which is unusual as the majority of the players from the team are usually from the twelfth grade.

         Although most of the team has changed from last year, senior and one of the returning players, Maxwell Banning, said he is optimistic about the success of the team this year.

        “I’m just really excited to play with all these guys and hopefully make a deep run in the playoffs,” Banning said. “I think that we can do well as long as we continue to works hard and grow closer.”

         Head coach Scott Alexander was on the coaching staff for three years and this is his second year as head coach.

        “I love Scott (Coach Alexander),” Banning said. “He’s a great coach and just a great guy in general.”

         The team practices six times a week every week which allows them to have time to work on their skills, get closer as a team, and strategize to win more games this season.