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Panthers Commit


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For millions of athletes across America, playing at the college level is a nearly unattainable dream; however, three current Pinewood students have managed to make it their reality. Seniors Gabby Bromberg, Klara Astrom, and Hannah Jump recently committed to three of the most prestigious schools in the country. Bromberg will row for the University of California at Los Angeles, while Astrom and Jump committed to Yale University and Stanford University, respectively, for women’s basketball. All three schools are Division 1, the highest level of collegiate athletics.      

The road to commitment is immensely difficult for any athlete, especially when compounded with the difficulties of balancing practice, games, and tournaments with school, family, and social life.

“The most challenging thing for me was staying motivated and keeping my goals in mind even when they seemed distant or impossible,” said Bromberg.

However, this continued dedication evidently paid off in the long run. While Bromberg credited her continual motivation for pushing her through the hard times, Astrom and Jump cited good time management for keeping them on top of things.

  All three athletes also expressed their gratitude for their teachers who recognized their unpredictably hectic athletic schedules and made the time and effort to offer extra help and extended time on assignments.

“Pinewood has also developed me so much as a person … [through Student Government,] my leadership skills have grown tremendously and that has definitely helped me on the court” Astrom said.

“Throughout this process Pinewood has been truly amazing,” agreed Jump.

Astrom and Jump also expressed their gratitude for the Pinewood community as a whole.

“The support the girls basketball team receives is nothing short of extraordinary . . . so many people take time from their busy schedules to cheer us on at our games and it means the world to us” said Jump.

“The support and love I receive from the whole community makes me just want to succeed more and make everyone else proud” adds Astrom.

“I am very grateful for the Pinewood community and would not be where I am today without it” concludes Jump.